Tuesday Habs Links: TSN loses NHL broadcasting rights

Greg Fiume

Here are some interesting links for your Tuesday morning, including rumors of CBC holding on to the rights to Hockey Night in Canada, and TSN possibly losing them altogether!

Montreal Canadiens Links

Steve Burtch of PPP has released early season rankings of a stat he calls dCorsi, which measures a player's defensive performance combining different elements of the job. According to him, our own P.K. Subban should be a front-runner for a second straight Norris trophy at this point.

The Canadiens are once again the third most valuable team in the NHL, according to Forbes.

Mike Babcock received on honourary doctorate at McGill University yesterday, and he was obviously asked about P.K. Subban and Carey Price.

Habs assistant coaches Gerard Gallant and Clement Jodoin were inducted into the QMJHL Hall of Fame. Must have been awkward when Gallant was asked to give his French acceptance speech.

Around the NHL Links

It's looking like CBC is going to hold onto the rights to Hockey Night in Canada after all! This means more Tim Thompson and his montages (yay!) and more PJ Stock and his being PJ Stock (sigh). Also, it's looking possible that TSN may be losing NHL rights altogether, which is both shocking and horrifying. There are aspects of HNIC that I wouldn't trade for anything, but TSN has always done hockey well and aided its growth both in Canada and the US. I can't imagine how they wouldn't have had the money to keep those rights.

UPDATE: After this was written, news broke that TSN has lost broadcast rights for the NHL.

The Nashville Predators made a 'Murica video, which as Puck Daddy says, is "presented by a franchise whose two best players are Canadian and Finnish and whose coach is from Manitoba".

10 former NHL players are following in the NFLPA's footsteps and suing the league for concealing the dangers of brain trauma. This is likely the beginning of a slippery slope that may end with....you know...that fighting thing not being a thing anymore.

Mark Spector writes an article about how the Blackhawks are now the Redwings, which to them is probably like saying the Canadiens are the new Bruins. Yikes.

This is a cool game that is really annoying and will keep you occupied for hours

Some NHL.com writers pick their Team Canada. I liked ours a lot better.

More from Eyes On The Prize:

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