Canadiens vs Rangers: Can't score on anyone edition

Francois Lacasse-Getty Images

Once again Carey Price showed up but the rest of the Habs did not in 1-0 loss

I hope everyone is awake after a fairly dull game for my first attempt at Top Six Minutes

So Alexei Emelin tried to hit Chris Kreider the exact same way he tried to hit Milan Lucic and things didn't quite work out in his favor again(he was fine though)

I feel like CBC said the word "Grit" at least 47 times in the first period alone

A David Desharnais/Francis Bouillon 2 on 1 breakaway happened...I'm pretty sure Cam Talbot was laughing as they skated over the blue line

Carey Price had to make 15 saves in the first period to bail out the Habs several it's a repeat of several games this season

David Day-nar-nay from Kweebeck!

Brendan Gallagher's mustache is....well it's something

Carl Hagelin gets 6 out of 10 Smirking Subbans for his dive

It took 258 minutes and a 5 on 3 power play but the Rangers finally managed to put another goal past Carey Price at the Bell Centre

Their last goal on Price in Montreal was on January 15th 2011 (2011!!!)

The Rangers last powerplay goal was scored by Markus Naslund....over 5 years ago (according to CBC so this could be a lie)

Subban made a small mistake blocking a shot so it'll probably be front page news for the rest of the week

Holy crap was the Habs passing in the offensive zone atrocious tonight

Subban drew a penalty without being called for embellishment!

It took the Habs 8 minutes to get a shot on net in the 3rd...and it was a weak wrister from Daniel Briere

The only good chances seemed to end up on the stick of Travis Moen or Brandon Prust tonight and that's incredibly frustrating

Zzzz....Oh I'm supposed to be writing still?

Per Dave Stubbs the last time the Habs were shut out by the Rangers in Montreal it was 1967...well that streak is dead now too

However a few bright spots out of tonight's loss

Alexei Emelin doesn't look like he's missed a day on the ice

Subban once again led the Habs in TOI with 25:33 and was only second to Ryan McDonagh on both teams

For all the people harping on Brian Gionta and Tomas Plekanec they were the only forwards who seemingly generated chances tonight

Carey Price deserved better once again as he kept the Habs from being absolutely blown out

Blueshirt Banter will have the winners point of view for the game tonight check them out

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