Monday Habs Links - Radio silence on Gionta's UFA status

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Your collection of links for Monday morning.

Roster News

Travis Moen left last night's game abruptly, as he's sick with the flu. He might be good to go for Tuesday, but consider him day-to-day.

Danny Briere and Alexei Emelin should be returning soon, no link for that, but Emelin is seeing a doctor today and Briere has been cleared for contact and is taking part in practices.

Montreal Canadiens Links

You definitely need to check out this piece by Robert Rice about why this year matters for the Montreal Canadiens.

In 12 minutes Habs prospect Martin Reway managed to turn a 3-0 loss into a 4-3 win for his team. Check out the highlights of his four point night.

Richard Labbe writes that there's radio silence on the contract front between the Habs and Brian Gionta, however Bergevin has stated that he's beginning contract talks with several other players. Something those players all have in common: They're defensemen.

Alex Galchenyuk's goal celebration last night where he kissed the CH logo got fans a little teary eyed with joy. Some veterans teased him about it after the game, and Habs fans freaked out like they always do because that's what they're good at.

The great James Mirtle writes about how minor hockey is quickly becoming a rich kid's game, and how the Subban family is trying to help those who can't afford it. Can we talk about how great the Subbans are?

Around the NHL

Speaking of Subbans, Malcolm Subban got into a goalie fight in the AHL, which he mostly won but didn't score a takedown. He seems to be a better fighter than P.K., not that it's that difficult.

Remember when Josh Harding was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? It hasn't stopped him from being one of the best goalies in the NHL this season.

Tim Thomas managed to blocker a guy in the face last night, but the funnier part was yet another loss, as he's now down to a .900 save percentage without the insulating Bruins' defense. Time for another "injury" to blame it on, eh Timmy?

Regretting the Habs trading away Erik Cole? You shouldn't. Here he is scoring on his own net.

JP Nikota breaks down the 1-3-1 powerplay.

Some guy named Jaromir Jagr scored a goal for his 1700th point in his career. That seems like a lot. More than Briere. Imagine if the Habs had signed that guy.

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