Sunday Links and Opinions from The SBN Network

"Who's Calling Me a Bad Person?" (Photo: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE)

I really hate late July as a hockey blogger. Barring a major free agent signing or blockbuster trade, it just gets to a dead stand still. It's even pretty quiet with our friends at HIO, they even appeared to neglect their own Gazette story on Brandon Prust.

Speaking of Prust, with the Habs having acquired him, and re-signing Travis Moen and Ryan White, they have some toughness in the lineup. But in the Hammer, the departure of Alex Henry and Zack FitzGerald seems to leave a lack of protection for the youngsters on the Bulldogs, doesn't it?

While the rest of the current edition of the Habs remain quiet, one touching Habs related story has been shared.

For our regulars here, you all know what is coming in August. If you don't, Copper and Blue can give you a clue. At the same time, Derek Zona at C&B comes to the defense of the Habs last remaining RFA, P.K. Subban.

Chris Boucher looks at the effect of QualComp on Even Strength Play.

Olivier evaluates Lars Eller's season

More from around The SBNation after the jump.

A look at some Devils fancy stats from In Lou We Trust

Arena development drags on in Nassau

Blueshirt Banter on the improbability of Joe Thornton coming to the Rangers

Die by The Blade looks at potential defensive dealings between the Flyers and Sabres

Carolina Huricanes GM Jim Rutherford looked at the analytical numbers, before signing Alexander Semin.

Litter Box Cats look at the reasons to bring back Roberto Luongo.

The Steve Moore vs. Todd Bertuzzi lawsuit has been moved to January.

Hockey Wilderness profiles Ryan Suter

Fear The Fin studies the performance of Antti Niemi

If you are in Toronto on Monday, and need something to do, Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis will be at the Hockey Hall of Fame. The first 125 to show up get free admission to the Hall and an advance screening of their new film, "The Campaign," later that night. Important info on the HHOF Facebook Page. Personally, I'd go just for free admission to HHOF.

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