Sunday Links - November 11th, 2012

Bruce Bennett

Links on Habs and hockey from around the web.

We'll talk hockey today of course, but I just wanted to take a minute before I get into the links to ask everyone to remember what today is about. Take a moment today and reflect on the sacrifices of those who fought for freedom and country. Many brave men and women have given their lives in service to us regular citizens. The oft quoted motto of the Montreal Canadiens hockey club actually comes from the poem 'In Flanders Fields' by Canadien physician John McCrae, who was inspired to write it after presiding over the funeral of a dear friend and fellow soldier in World War I. The poem is largely credited with the popularization of the use of the poppy on November 11th.

Now before I get accused of being Don Cherry, let's get into the links.

Habs Links

Stu Cowan writes that Habs fans are still slightly optimistic about the season. [Montreal Gazette]

Dave Stubbs writes about the Habs players' internal Movember competition via t-shirt sales. [Montreal Gazette]

18,582 people catch the Bulldogs at the Bell Centre, breaking a record. [Hamilton Bulldogs]

Stephan Cooper checks in on the young Bulldogs defensemen after 10 games. [A Winning Habit]

Christopher Boucher breaks down the offense of Hamilton's top 8 forwards. [Boucher Scouting]

Marc Antoine Godin breaks down Jarred Tinordi's start in the pros. [La Presse]

Godin also writes about how Aaron Palushaj and Blake Geoffrion are role models in Hamilton. [La Presse]

Francois Gagnon writes about Bergevin's travels with the lockout stalling his GM work. [La Presse]

Steve Farnham writes about his night at the launch of Assassin's Creed III with Carey Price. [AllHabs]

Chris Topham compares the Habs' 2012 draft class to their peers. [Lions in Winter]

Jo Innes talks about the injury to Geoffrion. [The Score]

Around The Hockey World

Justin Bourne talks about how he would coach a hockey team. [The Score]

Chris Lund argues that it's time to change IIHF eligibility. [The Score]

Ellen Etchingham says Bobby Orr sucked. Not really, but pretend she did. [The Score]

Bourne argues that we should stop calling non-top 6 draftees busts. [The Score]

Get all your lockout news and reaction, because we know you want to read that shit, here. [SB Nation]

James Mirtle talks about Canada's hesitancy to accept revenue sharing. [Globe & Mail]

Remember Georges Laraque? His tenure as director of the CHLPA is already over. [Globe & Mail]

Sean Fitz-Gerald writes about the bizarre Jeremy Roenick incident this week. [National Post]

Eric T wonders if we're overrating the value of zone starts. [NHL Numbers]

Benjamin Wendorf looks at which NHL players hog the puck, and who should be. [NHL Numbers]

Scott Reynolds checks to see if the NHL lockout is helping AHL attendance. [NHL Numbers]

Reynolds also tackles one of the biggest questions in hockey, how often does rebuilding a team actually work? [NHL Numbers]

Eric T talks about how off NHL Equivalency can be, and what that means. [NHL Numbers]

Elliotte Friedman narrows down the last hurdles in CBA negotiations. [CBC]

And finally, because he can, Harrison Mooney does this. [YouTube]

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