Thursday Night Habs Links

So how painful was it for Colin Campbell to have to pass judgment in favour of the Montreal Canadiens for a change. Had to hurt a little, eh?

Campbell gave the Florida Panthers Krys Barch a one-game suspension for uttering an "inappropriate comment" towards the Habs P.K. Subban on New Year's Eve. Barch admitted to making the remark, according to Campbell, but precisely what was said was not revealed, so it is only a best guess scenario.

The general consensus is that Barch made a "slipped on a banana peel" remark towards Subban, after the Habs rearguard fell after being tangled up up with Erik Gudbranson. That phrase is nothing new in terms of a player/fighter losing his balance in a scrap, etc., and was not intended to offend in a racial way. But this is the era of accountability and political correctness, one has to take caution to the wind when making comments in a public forum.

Barch fessed up to saying it, and said he spoke to Subban shortly after. The league deemed it offensive though, and a one gamer is adequate in this situation. Barch has accepted that, and was told by Campbell that if the league felt it was racially motivated the suspension would have been more severe.

Case closed, now let's move on.

Congratulations to Brendan Gallagher, Nathan Beaulieu and Michael Bournival for winning the Bronze Medal this afternoon at the World Junior Championship. After a humbling loss to Russia in the Semi-Finals, Team Canada bounced back with a 4-0 win over Finland.

Gallagher had six points in six games and 35 shots on goal (9 in the last game). Bealieau and Bournival each picked up an assist in the tournament, and finished at -1.


Guy Lafleur on the language issue behind the Habs bench.

Saw this via a small blurb on the Fourth Period, and it's a bit old, but RDS' Renaud Lavoie seems to have the same thoughts that our Andrew Berkshire proposed weeks ago.

Abe Hefter on Louis Leblanc's return to Hamilton.

Red Fisher on Habs legend Dickie Moore , who turns 81 on Friday.

Some Habs "He Said/She Said."

Apparently fans at the Bell Centre have started a new tradition to celebrate a Hat Trick, after Lars Eller recorded the third of his four goals on Wednesday.
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