Stanley Cup Final set and a few Habs links

So I guess the world has  at least four more games of hearing Jack Edwards' nauseating remarks this season.

Congratulations go out though to the Boston Bruins, who survived a pair of seven-game series that could have gone either way, and are off to face the Vancouver Canucks for the Stanley Cup.

Equal props to Guy Boucher, who felt he was ready to coach in the NHL, and took the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Eastern Conference Final. Steve Yzerman took notes from his time in the Detroit Red Wings office, to quickly build a contending team in the east. They'll be back next year.

The lone goal of the game, from Nathan Horton with 7:33 remaining, was all that separated a trip to the west coast from a trip home.

The Bruins and Lightning played Game Seven without a single penalty, the first penalty-free playoff game in 21 years.

Do the Bruins have enough gas to handle a well-rested Canucks team? Does Tim Thomas have another series left in him? Of note, the Boston netminder has allowed one goal in 3 career starts vs. Vancouver (3-0, 0.33 GAA, .990 SvPct).

We'll get our answers starting next Wednesday night.

In the meantime, here's a few links to catch up on for the Montreal faithful.


Well I had heard rumors of a remake of Top Gun, but had no idea that Josh Gorges auditioned for a roll.


Traditionally, the Snowbirds will guarantee that their "rookies" will toss their lunch during the flight. P.J. Stock went on the ride on Heritage Classic weekend, and confessed to the barf bag.

Eric Engels feels the playoffs have masked the head shot issue.

Cogeco Diffusion will carry Habs games through 2014.

Former Habs tough guy Donald Brashear will meet up with Steve Begin (no, not that one) in in his first MMA match.

Too Many Men on the Site takes Joseph Morrow as their mock draft pick for Montreal.

What the off-season means for the Hamilton Bulldogs

Fred Poulin makes his argument that hockey players are the toughest athletes.

Chris Nilan and Max Pacioretty are teeing up on the course in support of ALS research.

Robin Flynn has her checklist for Habs withdrawal.

Kyle Roussel on Colin Campbell

OK so Claude Giroux is not on the Canadiens roster, but he hails from Hearst, ON. That happens to be the hometown of EOTP's Francis Bouchard, Francis is now writing on Giroux's official site. Congrats, buddy.

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