Could the Habs Do a Losing Season?


Robert L note: We're starting a new thing at EOTP, a daily (well, almost) links roundup from the best the Habs bloggers have to offer. There will be approximately nine blogs scanned on a daily basis, because that's about all my time can handle on the days I'm around to do it. If readers chose to, they can add links I've missed in comments sections.

The heading or title when the links appear will be of an article I've chosen as sort of a pick of the day, as you can see by today's example. I'll lead in with a paragraph from an article that has impressed me on a given day, directing readers to that particular site. The other links will follow below. I'll try to mix things up as often as I can and on slower days I'll dig into the various archives of each site for oldies that are goodies.

Here's today's roundup.

From Lions In Winter - Could the Habs Do a Losing Season?


Over the weekend, I was watching TSN and was surprised to see a feature on a Canadiens prospect at the Canadian junior camp. It was Louis Leblanc again, of course, and the story revolved around his decision to pull out the stops by playing in the QMJHL. Part of the report noted that good old Louis had had a great little scrimmage at the camp. Apparently, he's been creating some one-game chemistry with Sean Couturier. Sean Couturier? This is when my ears piqued.

Couturier led the QMJHL in scoring this past season. He played on the Drummondville Voltigeurs. He was born in Phoenix, but grew up partly in Quebec to Quebecois father and former junior hockey star Sylvain Couturier. He's 6' 4'' and 193 lbs, is still 17 years old and is touted to e the first overall pick in the 2011 draft. In short, the Canadiens might be interested.

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