Habs For Breakfast - Komisarek Out 3 Weeks

Bad news for the Habs hopes of going deep in the playoffs with news that Mike Komisarek will be lost for the next three weeks due to an unspecified injury. The news was released this morning and as of this posting was only online at the Journal and La Presse sites. I'll post an english article as soon as I see one.

I'm not sure how a "game time decision" became a three week rehab overnight, but teams are often cautious to release news on player injuries these days. Maybe he was abducted by aliens - who knows?


UPDATE: Here it is.

Habs Lose Komisarek For Minimum 3 Weeks - Habs Inside Out

"Mike has a lower body injury, that's all I can tell you, and he's going to out a minimum of three weeks," head coach Guy Carbonneau said after this morning's game-day skate at the Bell Centre. "We hope that after two weeks we can evaluate him and go day-to-day after that, but it's going to be in that vicinity."

Carbo Makes MVP Case For Kovalev - Gazette

"Guy Carbonneau probably raised some eyebrows Thursday, when he suggested Alex Kovalev should receive some support when voting takes place. And Carbonneau stood by his comments yesterday. "He may not have the best stats, points-wise. But, for us, he's there every game," Carbonneau said after running the team through a brisk 40-minute practice at the Bell Centre." - Herb Zurkowski

Canadiens - Bruins Rivalry Alive And Well This Season - ESPN

"The teams' styles this season are reminiscent of those of their late-'70s battles. Led by hulking defenseman Zdeno Chara, the Bruins are again a physical team that relies largely on size and strength. Meanwhile, the Habs' best players are a bunch of smaller, fast-skating snipers, with the role of Lafleur being ably played by veteran right winger Alex Kovalev. Both teams have found success with their respective styles. The Habs are enjoying one of their best seasons since their last Stanley Cup win 15 years ago." - Jonah Keri

Bruins Doing The Goalie Shuffle - Montreal Canadiens.com

"Regardless of who has been between the pipes for the Bruins in six games against Montreal, the result has been the same. Manny Fernandez, Alex Auld, and Tuukka Rask were all losers to the Habs this season, with Tim Thomas even living the nightmare three times." - Manny Almela

The Rocket: Never Duplicated - Sportsnet

"What struck me watching the movie are the epic amounts of physical and verbal abuse Richard was forced to endure in order to score his 544 goals. There isn’t a star player in the NHL that could possibly relate to the kind of constant physical and verbal abuse that Richard was forced to deal with on a nightly basis. Some times he took it, some times he did not." - Jim Lang

The Bunny Larocque Biography - Greatest Hockey Legends

"Despite his status as a second stringer, Larocque posted some very impressive numbers. From 1974 through 1979 he played a total of 137 games, posting 96 wins against 18 losses with 18 ties and 13 shutouts. In that time his win percentage was .701. Dryden's, by comparison, was .659." - Joe Pelletier

Habs Look To KO Bruins Playoff Hopes - Four Habs Fans

"The Habs and Bruins home and home is half done, and so far it looks like every other game between these two age-old rivals. Will the script be the same in Round 2 at the Bell Centre Saturday night?" - Habsfan 10

Komisarek absent 3 semaines - RDS

"Komisarek, blessé au bas du corps, sera absent pour au moins les trois prochaines semaines. Guillaume Latendresse, victime de spasmes au cou, sera absent du jeu. Brian Smolinski et Steve Bégin seront en uniforme.

Mike Komisarek incertain - RDS

"Une absence prolongée de Komisarek risquerait d'avoir des répercussions sur la position du Canadien au classement. L'Américain fait partie du meilleur duo de défenseurs du Tricolore, jumelé à Andreï Markov. Il est toujours opposé au meilleur trio de l'adversaire, applique de solides mises en échec et bloque de nombreux tirs. Dans un sens, il est irremplaçable."

A quoi ressemblera le Canadien sans Mike Komisarek - Le Journal

"Le Canadien a-t-il perdu les services de son homme de fer ? Et, si oui, pour combien de temps ? Pendant que Guy Carbonneau préparait ses hommes pour leur huitième et dernier duel face aux Bruins, un peu tout le monde spéculait, hier, sur le possible impact d'une absence de Mike Komisarek alors que l'équipe est engagée dans le sprint final de la saison." - Martin Leclerc

Etre en mode des séries - RDS

"Avec un peu plus de deux semaines à faire au calendrier régulier dans la LNH, le temps est venu pour les entraîneurs de préparer leur équipe en vue des séries éliminatoires. Au-delà du cliché sportif, il y a des choses qui ne doivent pas être négligées avant d'amorcer ce marathon annuel." - Jacques Demers

Un DVD pour Higgins - Le Journal

"Un petit cadeau, gracieuseté du coach, attendait Chris Higgins après l'entraînement de lundi : un DVD. Pas celui lancé le même jour par son coéquipier Alex Kovalev. Un DVD juste pour lui. Le court film représentait ses 21 premiers buts de la saison. Guy Carbonneau voulait qu'il réalise de quel endroit il avait marqué la majorité de ses buts, c'est-à-dire à proximité du gardien." - Betrand Raymond

"Je sais mieux ce qui se passse": Carbonneau - Le Journal

"Que s'est-il donc passé ? Bien sûr, plusieurs joueurs, dont Alex Kovalev, ont fait leur part, mais Carbonneau ne cache pas qu'une année d'expérience fait parfois toute la différence. Il sait qu'il est aujourd'hui un meilleur entraîneur." - Bertrand Raymond

"Son talent n'a jamais été remis en question": Julien - Le Journal

"Le visage de Julien s'est durci quand on lui a demandé ce qu'il pensait de la tenue de Kovalev cette saison. On sentait que la question le contrariait." - Marc De Foy


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