Habs For Breakfast - 2008-03-07

The Habs steal one and head back to the top of the mountain. Good teams do this - they win games in which they are outplayed for the most part.

The most remarkable aspect of this win is how Carey Price bounced back from a very human showing in San Jose.

Carbonneau was smart to toss Price the challenge, and it is good to see that the coach is fine tuned to how things are working between his goalies ears. Jaroslav Halak will get some games in, likely starting Saturday against the Kings, to keep him in game shape the rest of the way.

Come playoff time, Price will need to be able to bounce back from sub par games. Carbonneau had to test that out now - it's the prime option. Goaltending will be the Habs playoff question mark and what Carbonneau is beginning to do is prepare Price mentally for the ups and downs of the ride.

Canadiens Rally To Beat Coyotes Behind 37 Saves From Price - NHL.com

"Price said he got sunburned during a fourhour fishing trip on nearby Bartlett Lake during the Canadiens' stay in the Phoenix area this week. "I wasn't feeling that hot, but all of a sudden we all got back into the van to go back to the hotel and we just started burning," Price said. "We were out on the water, so all the light's reflecting off the water."

Coyotes Can't Beat Habs - Gazette

"Carey Price knows a little something about being a cowboy and that helped bounce back from a dismal performance earlier this week in San Jose. "They say when you get bucked off a horse, you gotta get right back on," Price said as he welcomed a chance for redemption in last night's game against the Phoenix Coyotes."

Gretzky Extols The Habs Power Play - Gazette

"Gretzky said that his good friend and longtime teammate Mark Messier described Kovalev as a thoroughbred."

Price Backstops Canadiens Past Coyotes - TSN

"I don't think anything would have kept him out of the game tonight," coach Carbonneau said. "We needed a big performance from Carey, and we got that. After the performance he had the other day in San Jose, he wanted to come back and play well. If it wasn't for him, I don't think the game would have gone this way."

Cedric Desjardins Named ECHL Goalie Of The Month - Hamilton Bulldogs.com

"The Cincinnati Cyclones announced today that Hamilton Bulldogs goaltender Cedrick Desjardins has been named the RBC Financial Group ECHL Saver of the Month for February. Desjardins becomes the first player in the Cincinnati Cyclones ECHL history to win the award."

TSN Power Rankings

How Is Tomas Plekanec On The Road?

The Coyotes Dance Team -Nods to FHF for the link

It Wasn't Pretty, But Mission Accomplished - Lions In Winter

Le Meilleur ami du CH - RDS

"Le Canadien, qui domine la Ligue nationale avec 80 buts en avantage numérique, s’est servi de son arme de prédilection pour retrouver le chemin de la victoire et du même coup le sommet du classement de l'Association de l'Est avec 83 points."

Gretzky lance des fleurs au Canadien - RDS

"ll y a une chose cependant que le meilleur marqueur de l'histoire de la LNH s'explique mal: le brio du jeu de puissance du Tricolore - le plus redoutable de la LNH. C'est à n'y rien comprendre", a lancé Gretzky, en souriant. "Carbo, (Kirk) Muller et (Doug) Jarvis, qui ont été trois attaquants à caractère défensif, dirigent l'équipe ayant la meilleure attaque massive de la ligue. J'ai beau essayer (de comprendre), c'est un mystère pour moi."

Carbo: "Un vol au grand jour" - la Presse

"Même dominé 39-20 au chapitre des tirs au but, le Canadien a profité de deux buts cruciaux en avantage numérique pour se sauver avec une victoire de 4-2. Mais ne nous contons pas d'histoire: sans le brio de Carey Price, le Tricolore ne se retrouverait pas au premier rang de l'Association de l'Est, ce matin, avec 83 points." - Marc Antoine Godin

Petit sondage, excellante nouvelle - La Presse

"Comme ça, c'est ici qu'on a les meilleurs fans. Ça, c'est du moins l'opinion de 35 % des 365 patineurs interrogés par le Sports Illustrated. Les meilleurs fans, oui, et de loin à part ça....J'ai souvent entendu des joueurs - pas de noms, SVP - dire que Montréal, c'est un peu l'enfer." - Richard Labbé

Price et l'attaque massive sauvent le Canadien - Le Journal
"Ce fut l'un de nos pires matchs de la saison sur le plan de l'intensité et de l'exécution des jeux, a raconté Carbonneau. La tenue de Price est la seule raison qui explique notre victoire."

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