Eating The Habs For Breakfast - 2008-2-22

You'll dig deep for Habs playoff tickets - Habs Inside Out

"The downside to the Canadiens making the playoffs, of course, will be what you'll pay for tickets to the post-season – face-value, not to scalpers."

Canadiens Comeback Well Runs Dry - Gazette

"We've shown that we have enough offence to score goals, which was a question mark in the beginning of the season, but the thing that's made us successful is the defence-first mentality and that's what we have to get back" - Saku Koivu

No Miracles vs Malkin's Penguins - Gazette

"Most people were saying there was no way they were going to reach the playoffs this season. And you might remember that even during this season when your Habs were going through a brief slump, there were suggestions they were dead in the water." - Red Fisher

Canadiens Come Back All The Way Only To Lose - Lions In Winter

"The crowd wanted a comeback and the Habs almost gave it to us. With the score at 3-3 in the third we scored our 4th, a goal we all were hoping would have been the eventual winner." - Tobalev

Stud Shopping - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"I'm on the record as being very, very cautious when it comes to deadline dealing. I'd even be content to take the current lineup into the playoffs with maybe a little bit of third-line tinkering." - J.T.

Useless Alert! Hossa Being Fitted For Jersey And Genetalia Protection - FHF

"It has also been said that he was seen in a supermarket yesterday buying potatos and cheese, which in no doubt signifies that he is learning how to make poutine, which means he's buying a house in St-Eustache." - Habs Fan 33

Ryder Apprecie Le Soutien De Ses Coequipiers - Journal
"Il ne croit pas qu'il soit trop tard pour racheter sa mauvaise saison. On lui a demandé s'il sent que la machine est bel et bien repartie."

Le CH A Manque De Concentration - RDS

"On doit apprendre à mieux gérer nos émotions, à revenir rapidement sur terre à la suite d'une victoire émotive comme celle qu'on a obtenue mardi." - Guy Carbonneau

"On continue de donner des buts faciles": Guy Carbonneau - Le Journal

"On ne gagnera pas beaucoup de matchs en accordant cinq buts." C’est par ce commentaire que Guy Carbonneau a amorcé son point de presse et il ne pouvait dire plus vrai."

"J'ai Connu Une Soiree Difficile": Huet - Le Journal

"N’empêche que Huet a montré des moments de faiblesse. Il a paru chancelant sur trois buts et il ne l’a pas caché."

Ce Sera Une Soiree Emouvante - RDS

"Bob Gainey était un joueur d’équipe incroyable et ça me fait énormément plaisir que son chandail soit retiré. C’est toujours agréable pour moi de voir le chandail de l’un de mes anciens coéquipiers être hissé dans les hauteurs du Centre Bell." - Yvon Lambert

Hamrlik: "Cela n'est pas du tout notre style" - La Presse

"Ce soir, on pensait qu'on allait sortir fort, mais on est mal partis en donnant deux buts rapides. On doit apprendre à être plus constants." - Maxim Lapierre

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