Eating The Habs For Breakfast - 2008-2-21

Robert L Note: Skip this first bit if you caught the introduction from yesterday afternoont's late edition of "Breakfast". I'm repeating the foreword for the first morning readers tuning in.

Since the Canadiens are doing so fabulously well lately, eyeing down both an early playoff confirmation and a legitimate shot at first place, there is an abundance of news, stories and opinions to read. The recent spike in attention paid to the team has made it difficult for even an avid reader of everything like myself to keep up on all the happenings going about. I'm thinking that this will only increase as the days to the trade deadline wind down and the playoffs approach.

With that notion in mind, I thought that I would attempt to round up the newest of news and takes on the Canadiens in one tidy little place, provide a quick glance at what's being said and written from sources ranging from media outlerts to my favorite blogs, and the name the pieces "Eating The Habs For Breakfast".

Each day I'll be scanning my usual reading places for the latest links to the stuff I believe readers would be interested in. I'll post links to places such as the Gazette, Le Journal De Montreal, La Presse, RDS, TSN,, and the national Canadian media outlets such as the Sun and Globe chains. In addition, pieces from my favorite blogs - Habs Inside Out, Habs World, Four Habs Fans, Lions In Winter, Theory Of Ice, The H Does Not Stand For Habs, All Habs, Hockey's Greatest Legends, Sisu Hockey, and others - will also be featured. The pieces will be no more than a day or two old, and should be everything relevant that readers could want to catch in both official languages.

Family Affair For Habs Price - Gazette

"I got a little bit teary-eyed watching Carey stand there during the national anthems," she said yesterday. "And it was wonderful to see his maturity when he was pulled, the way he was right in there with his team." That would include Price tossing his Canadiens cap on the ice to celebrate teammate Michael Ryder's shortlived hat trick."

Lots Of Questions As Canadiens Surge - TSN

"If you ask any player or GM about looking to improve your team, you're looking to add an impact player," said captain Saku Koivu on Wednesday. "If those guys are available and you can have those guys on your team, we're all for it."

The Team That Could....Win It All - All Habs

"Every player was focused and contributed to this great victory but I was amazed by how determined and single-mindedly focused Saku Koivu, Alex Kovalev and Andrei Markov were when they started to smell "blood" in the water with the Rangers thrashing in the water helplessly. The leaders of the pack led the attack or "hunt" against the Rangers which is what good leaders do.........lead by example!!!" - Habster

The Impossible Is Made Possible - FHF

"This post is coming to you a bit later than usual because I haven't moved since Jaromir Jagr lost the puck on the shootout in front of Cristobal Huet's crease. I have sat stunned, motionless. My family has come down to the basement to get me into fresh clothes. They try to indulge me into eating something. Maybe wash and shave the growing beard that is slowly appearing on the contours of my face. I'm lost in a daze, frozen in disbelief. Maybe I'll move. Maybe one day." - Habs Fan 33

Dwelling On The Dark Ages - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"Not only does the team have young, talented players coming up through the system, it also has the management in place to make sure those players develop to the best advantage of the franchise. Bob Gainey isn't likely to throw the next young Chris Chelios or Patrick Roy away for nothing." - J.T.

Sundogs Lose Latendresse - Arizona Daily Courier

"After one of his best games of the season on Saturday night in Arizona's 5-4 overtime victory over Rocky Mountain, Latendresse early this week learned that he would be joining his younger brother in the Montreal Canadiens organization."

Le Canadien n’est pas surestimé - RDS

"Je crois alors que le Canadien joue présentement à la hauteur de son talent. En évitant les blessures, l’équipe pourrait brouiller bien des cartes en séries éliminatoires. Une équipe qui serait négligée, car elle n’aspirait pas en début d’année à gagner la coupe Stanley comme par exemple les Sénateurs d’Ottawa." - Gaston Therrien

Saku Tient A Demeurer Ici - La Presse

"Quitter Montréal, ça n'a aucun sens. Pourquoi je quitterais cette équipe alors qu'elle sort enfin des saisons difficiles qui ont suivi mon arrivée."

La Folie Furieuse - Journal

"Aujourd'hui, dans les couloirs des plus grandes firmes d'avocats, chez les chauffeurs de taxis, dans l'autobus ou au dépanneur, on ne parle que de ça", ajoute un autre fin connaisseur, l'animateur de radio et ancien arbitre Ron Fournier.

"Je N' Oublierai Jamais Ce Match: Huet - Journal

"Je suis content d'avoir participé à un tel match et d'avoir aidé l'équipe à écrire une page d'histoire, a-t-il confié. C'était un moment magique. C'est la belle incertitude du sport. Jamais je n'oublierai ce matché."

Carbonneau Pense A La Coupe - Journal

"Oui, on peut l'être, a répondu l'entraîneur en chef, qui pouvait difficilement dire le contraire dans les circonstances. Nos jeunes joueurs ont accompli d'immenses progrès depuis un an. Nous jouons de façon plus constante."

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